DONGWOO VIVARO is a customer-and quality-oriented manufacturer of a variety of products for aesthetic and medical purposes. Since its establishment, it has built a reputation as a high-quality stable supplier by exporting it to more than 50 countries. Based on years of accumulated knowledge of quality management system and production technology, we guarantee the quality of all products produced by Dongwoo M Techno.

Mesotherapy uses injections to deliver compounds which may include hyaluronic acid, growth factors and vitamins/minerals directly into the skin to nourish and improve its appearance. Three treatment has a wide range of applications including collagen stimulation, hair follicle stimulation, cellulite reduction and improvement of blood circulation. Three face bevel sharp-tip needles in six different sizes of 27G, 30G, 31G, 32G, 33G, and 34G are perfect for use with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) and filler. Cannula of various lengths help match any mesotherapy application.