Project Description

Syringe printing machine

DM-GPM-01 (Photogravure Printing Machine)


DMTech strives to produce and supply the highest quality and most reliable Photogravure Printing Machine. This machine is a Photogravure Printing Machine for Printing the scale on the surface of syringe barrel. The Photogravure Printing Machine can perform AUTOMATIC operation with electrical control.

•Large scale production per hour
•It is easy to adjust the height of gauge/scale printing on the syringe barrel.
•It is easy to take out the jammed barrel between no.2 rotating disk plate and rubber roller by using shaft 6.
•The regulation of the printing pressure of the rubber roller and the copper printing drum.
•The setting of the machine is easy beacause it is designed in such a way that the up and down regulation of the printing drum is smooth. Accordingly, the work efficiency has improved.
•The bigger rotating plate has increased the production capacity per hour without the change of RPM.
•The regulation of the gauge/scale printing height on the syringe barrel became easier because the regulating device is projecting outside.
•It is designed in such a way that the regulation of printing location of the rotating disk plate and the rubber roller can be done easily by shaft 6. Moreover, that resulted in the increased work efficiency.
•Since the printing pressure-regulator is projecting outside, the regulation of the printing pressure between the syringe and the rubber can be done easily with a simple tool.
•The printing pressure-regulator of the rubber roller and the printing copper drum and that of the syringe and the rubber roller are arranged on the same line, therefore it became easier to operate them.