Project Description

Syringe assembly machine


DMTech strives to produce and supply the highest quality and most reliable Full Automatic Syringe Assembly Machine. This machine is a Disposable Plastic Syringe Assembly Machine, only. The Syringe Assembly Machine can perform Manual and Automatic operation with electrical control.


•The assembly productivity is relatively good because of establishment of the stable assembly environment.
•High quality can be expected because of the minimization of the defective product rate and stable designing.
•This machine is equipped with the Helical Gear. Therefore, there is a small backlash between the axles during the transmission of power generated by the motor.
•For the material of the Gear, MC, an engineering plastic material, is used, which contributed to the reduction of noise and the damages (Bad quality) caused by use of a great amount of grease.
•The assembly of the plunger and the barrel is not restricted at No.4 axle but is done aging at No.8 axle, therefore the production rate of defective products can be reduced and the deformation of the products be prevented.
•An optional special nozzle which can spray the silicon oil during the packing assembly is fitted, which excludes the problems that may be caused by the forcible assembly and excessive application of silicon oil.